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Author: Omar Gonzalez (All RIAForge projects by this author)
Last Updated: February 22, 2010 2:42 PM
Version: 1.2.0
Views: 90,578
Downloads: 12,033
License: Common Public License


Fixed, update to ZendAmfServiceBrowser class be downloaded here: http://www.zamfbrowser.org/files/zamf_demo_1.1.zip

The new update includes some optimizations written by Marijn Huizendveld, thank you Marijn for your contribution! The integrated code is slightly different than Marijn suggested because I felt the implementation on the developer's end is a little less cumbersome. In version 1.0 of ZendAmfServiceBrowser class the getServices() method would return ALL methods found in the classes it introspected in the Zend_Amf_Server object. The new update will now look for the @private tag in the doc block, if it is present it will ignore that method and not send it to the Service browser. There are also some optimization in the XML code generation provided by Marijn, thanks again! The last important fix is support for service classes that are added using the Zend_Amf_Server->addDirectory() method. Services added using this method will now be returned properly to the ZamfBrowser list. There is a slight implementation change that can be seen in the new demo download at http://www.zamfbrowser.org/files/zamf_demo_1.1.zip The new implementation requires the line "ZendAmfServiceBrowser::$ZEND_AMF_SERVER = $server;" to change to "ZendAmfServiceBrowser::setAmfServer( $server );". Let me know if you have any questions! omar@almerblank.com

1.2.0 Released! - All reported issues in the client have been fixed.
* Fixed cached service calls making changed services impossible to work with. There is now a Refresh Services button in the top left to reload services if a method's parameters have changed.
* Fixed no unicode support. The input window now supports iso-8859-1 characters. Tested with Russian and French text.
* Fixed issue with methods called logout. This issue affected all method names that coincided with names of methods and properties of the RemoteObject class. This should no longer cause an error and should run the service correctly. If you have generated code for Flex regenerate the code to get the operation fix.
* Fixed issue with add server dialogue window not recognizing that both fields were entered resulting in the button not being enabled.
* Added sorting to the classes and methods drop down.
* Added close buttons to the add server and settings dialogues.
* Added Almer/Blank Labs logo. I know, I know, its a shameless plug.
* Fixed issue with accented characters not being saved correctly to a method's inputted parameter values.

1.1 Released! -Code Generation Added
ZamfBrowser can generate code for use in either Flash or Flex based projects. Simply point ZamfBrowser to the source path folder where your code is, the com folder. Then enter the package you would like the services in, for example com.project.services. ZamfBrowser will create a methods package and a classes package within the package you specify. The classes in the classes package reflect the AMF services on the backend. Service calls can also be made by starting a method object by itself from the classes in the methods package. The Flex package uses the same class that ZamfBrowser uses to unit test methods. The Flash package has been lightly tested. As bugs come up please post them to the site http://zamfbrowser.riaforge.org Usage examples will follow soon at http://labs.almerblank.com

ZamfBrowser is an AIR application that allows developers to unit test ZendAMF Services. The .zip file includes the .air application, the ZendAmfServiceBrowser.php service class, and a Zend_Amf_Server implementation example that uses the ZamfBrowser.

Test services are located at http://www.zamfbrowser.org to test the ZamfBrowser. There is a step through in the documentation page.

This is a first version of the application.
Features Include:
- Settings panel to test on different servers.
- Method arguments input screen that allows easy construction of method arguments for testing.
- Method arguments persistence. Don't you hate filling in that test info over and over again? ZamfBrowser remembers the last argument setup and input so you can test and re-test easily.
- Auto-updates to the latest version once I add new features.

Coming in the next release, Code Generation. Service classes for every method ZamfBrowser finds on the server.


AIR 1.5
Zend Framework 1.9

Issue Tracker:

13 Refresh Services not update Class List Open 08/17/10 2:45 PM
12 Authentication Open 07/02/10 8:34 AM
11 Do not list services & functions that users are not allowed to use Open 07/02/10 8:27 AM
10 require_once("somestring") throws an error Open 05/06/10 1:35 PM
9 the date datatype doesn't work Open 05/06/10 1:28 PM

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